Our measures to protect against Covid19

Feel safe in our house for a good reason
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  • Luftreinigung im Hotel

    Wir bieten Ihnen bestmöglichen Schutz vor Covid19 durch konsequente Desinfektion der Atemluft.

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  • "One important point is not discussed enough: The spread of viruses via aerosols."

    Emma Hodcroft - Epidemiologist at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Bern.

    Cleaning the air from coronaviruses at the Hotel am Stern

    We attach great importance to consistent disinfection by means of decentralised recirculating air units. These are disinfection units in continuous use that render the coronaviruses in the air we breathe harmless. Even in the lift and on the floor corridors, all aerosols (suspended particles) are neutralised! At our breakfast table you can start your day with peace of mind – here you breathe virus-cleaned air.

    Staying at the Hotel am Stern means: maximum safety from infection!